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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Beach, Sunset, and Flowers.

I think I'm noticing a pattern of not really being in the mood to write in the evening in the summer. In the winter, I love it. In the summer? Jesus, no. So, I guess a shift in behaviour is needed. I've got to try to write in the mornings, maybe. Hmm!

I haven't been reading other blogs, doing any writing, or answering emails for a few days now... and coincidently, the weather's been good and it's light till 9.30pm. Beer and barbecue weather, people, not for computers. Nyet!

But that does mean I've been doing more photography. Here are a few more to look at.

(And I always write weekends, so check back for more. Maybe a news of the weird. That could be fun.)

* * *

This is one of my favourite photos I've taken in a long time. I was coming home from work tonight, really dead tired after my overzealous bike ride yesterday, when I thought I'd ride my scooter home the long way, around the beaches and the University of BC. I stopped at the beach and got all the following photos, 'cept the sunset, but these flowers...

These were the only wildflowers like this in this area of the beach. It's a little area called Alice's Root Park and it's all large stumps/roots of driftwood logs, all scattered around. It's really cool. But this stump was the only one sprouting wildflowers, and I just happened to glance down as I was walking past it, and fell right in love.

Moral of the story? Take the long way home. What's your rush? But no, I didn't smell these. :)

stump w blue flowers-tld

More beach. Those mountains on the North Shore all range from 3,500 to about 5,000 feet in height. Give or take. It takes about 15 minutes to hit the ski hills from Downtown Vancouver.

foreground beach-tld

Vancouver has an insane amount of shoreline. It just baffles me, sometimes, the geography of this town. Man, oh, man. This is at Spanish Banks, where the Spanish landed long, long ago. It's now home to some of the hottest volleyball players in town. Beach volleyball is huge in this city.

And it's also just beyond here that the legendary Seawall route begins for joggers and cyclists. You can follow it all around this side of the water, around the end of the inlet, past the downtown core, through English Bay, around Stanley Park, and back through the Coal Harbour road into the city's downtown core... You can open all the narrow panoramas up (by clicking on 'em), and that'll take you onto Flickr-- hit "all sizes" on the top of the photo, then select large, if you'd like to see a hell of a lot more detail. Not the best shots, but you get a sense of the land.

volleyball small-tld

volleywall west-small-tld

To bed I go, so fittingly, yesterday's sunset: