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Friday, June 24, 2005

The Deed is Done

(Feel free to click the ads above to help my unemployed ass. ;)

I've finally gotten off of my 'fraidy-cat ass and sent in my first professional query. I think it was good. I think I should've re-read it in a few hours or something before I hit "send," but I figured, what the fuck? It was the third time I've written the thing, and the loosest (and sadly, the most long-winded) version yet.

I'd been writing a sort of existential little meandering earlier, after thinking about a particular bit of voiceover in the series Grey's Anatomy, which I might post later, but for now, I'm mulling it over.

In the query letter, I decided to be a hard-ass and tell them they have until next Friday to decide whether they want to pursue it. If not, I shop that badboy around town. I can't handle the wait-and-see shit. I try to be patient, but I'm not. Deadlines deserve to go both ways, don't you think? If I'm good, I'll be worth it. If not, they can tell me to fuck off.

By the way, this jobless thing will be good for getting back in touch with music again. Right now I'm tackling the Canadian indie scene, which is hot internationally right now, and my recent finds are ones who've been covered in the not-so-mainstream press for awhile, like The Stars, Metric, Junior Boys, and so forth, all reaping rewards from Montreal's hot music scene, as led by the irrepressible Arcade Fire. I was starting to feel a little dated, as much as I'm still enjoying Britain's low-fi blues-rock sound with the 22-20s, BRMC, and the Kills, et al, and having been depressed by the eventual cookie-cutterness of Bloc Party (they tricked me at first and had me buying the myth of the next-great-thing). Nice to get some new tunes again.

And I promise to spend money on all the artists I'm loving, as soon as I get it. In exchange, for now, I'll let them read my blog for free. Quid pro quo, man. All good. It's all good.