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Monday, May 23, 2005

Switch Hitters and Other Photographs

Took a nice ride this afternoon. Start of a new heat wave. Happy Steff.

I live in an interesting area of Vancouver that has a little bit of everything around it, including trainyards and industrial wastelands, which is where I was riding today. Here's some of the photography I did.

Train switches are dirtier than you thought they were:

train switch-tld

It's not often there are no cars and no trains, but on this holiday Monday, the area had a strangely tranquil feel to it, which i thought was reflected by the vacancy in this shot:

empty train tracks-tld

The bike paths run right alongside some pretty nasty industrial sites. Strangely, it's beautiful despite the environmental crime going on around you. It's almost an oddly apathetic place to ride. It messes with my head every time.


Old factories rock. Enough said.


Ayers' Rock? Fuck Ayers' Rock. We got the oh-so-sacred Sawdust Mound. It's a repository of tree souls. Tres sacred. (And bigger than it looks here--about 75 feet high.)

sawdust mound-tld