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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Best link of the week

Speaking of music and politics, this is an amateur music video shot be some silly troops in Iraq.

Abu Ghraib this ain't. These guys are pretty funny. And I've never listened to "Is this the Way to Amarillo?" all the way through -- until now.

* * *

There's a mother-of-god thunderstorm unleashing not far from my house. My laptop's unplugged, just in case. I have actually felt the thunder barrelling up my skeleton every time there's a heaven-to-earth full-on strike.



The rains have begun. The lightning continues, shaking the ground beneath me. Nearer now. Three seconds.

I'll sleep with the curtain up. I don't get a lot of violent fury in my life. This'll fit the quota nicely. I hope I remember my dreams. (Lightning doesn't spook me, but this is getting close, and it's fucking potent.)

And to the dude walking past with his umbrella up in the middle of this vengeful storm? "Good luck with that."