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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Some Photographs

JT/Whipped Boy is my "other" best friend. He's a totally different scenario than GayBoy. Married, responsible, pretty quiet, not too terribly funny (sorry, hun, but compared to me and GayBoy, you know it's true), but he's an awesome friend. Just like GayBoy, for me, he's irreplaceable.

But the reality is, there won't be a lot of stories about me and JT's antics. However, there'll probably always be photos. These are all from our Mother's Day out together. The photos aren't incredible, but I do like them, and he and I had a damned fine time this Mother's Day, if you're wondering. Here're the photos.

border crossing-tld

The border crossing at White Rock, BC. It doesn't give that "We welcome you to America!" feel, does it?

Bellingham is a cool town. Fairhaven is its oldest district, and in Fairhaven you'll find great food, bookshops, and artists. This is the corner to Tony's, a coffee shop I've always loved, and home to the best shake ever: Coffee, espresso, chocolate, and vanilla.

architecture fairhaven-tld

The next series of photos are all taken from a rocky cove found off Chuckanut Drive, one of the finest urban drives in the Pacific Northwest. There's nothing like an oceanside drive.

These two photos are of the cove:


cove tight-tld

These are also all taken in the cove. But they all have that important thing in common: Wood. Wood rocks. Read how I feel about wood here (heh heh heh) Be Good To Your Wood Day (also found under Hit Me on the sidebar).

drift-nurse log-tld

beached stump-tld

And a tribute to my favourite kind of wood--Happy Wood.:

beach wood-tld