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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Just one of a few fun stories I've encountered this morning:

A Colorado man recently saved his chicken's life by giving it mouth-to-beak rescusitation.

This was one of his younger chickens, who, among of flock of youngsters, somehow got stuck in a pool of water and was drowning, when its owner Uegene Safken spotted the troubled bird and jumped in to save it.

He apparently was swinging the chicken around by the feet, trying to revive it, and that didn't work, so he moved onto the more advanced methods: Mouth-to-beak rescusitation.

He says, "Then one eye opened. I thought it was an involuntary response." Apparently the beak opened a little wider on its own accord and Safken began shouting at it, "You're too young to die! You're too young to die!" He states that, "Every time I'd yell at him, he'd chirp."
* * *

It's official. I'm barbecuing some chicken souvlaki tonight. (Chirp.)
* * *

I like doing the weird news stories. And it's easy work for me. Heh. I'll probably do some capsule coverage of odd news this weekend, and I will do the story of the port-a-john porn by Monday. It's a weekend thing.
* * *

Oh, and I slept like the blissed-out child of love I am. Rock on. And it's sunny and hot AGAIN today. I live in Paradise! (Yes, today it deserves a capital P.) And today starts yet another wonderful three-day weekend. Man, do I got it good.
* * *

Speaking of Weirdness:

GayBoy will be taking your questions, people.
Post yer questions as a comment on this posting, and GayBoy will answer anything you ask. Anything. And yes, you can ask anonymously. Come on, people. Bring it.