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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hurray for GayBoy !!

GayBoy On Pride Day
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Ed. Note: Steff is sick. No, not in the head. Just... not well. Not well enough to go out, but well enough to do this. So...

* * *

GayBoy is standing in the middle of the photo. The drag queen accosted him in the middle of the Pride Parade, flirting madly and shoving his/her's fallen earring at GayBoy, who, of course, was chivalrous enough to put it on Queenie while he/she hammed it up for me and my camera. Note the highly amused spectator in the back, on the right.

* * *

BlogHo is lusting after GayBoy and wants to see a photo. At first, I thought, "no way!"

Then I figured I'd ask. Since GayBoy didn't protest nearly as much as I thought he would, I took it as a yes. (Far be it for me to say that no means maybe, but...)

Now, this photo isn't a good photo of GayBoy. That's his big concern. But I think it captures his personality well--smug and mischievous.

But you should know, GayBoy is buff and bitchin', and all the boys like him. (But now he's going to kill me.)

I once bought him a shirt I had custom-made, when he worked as a bouncer in gay clubs that said, "Breakfast included." I've already told him I'm making him another one that will say, "I'm here about the blowjob?"

And here's another GayBoy story:

* * *

GayBoy works with a girl named K...we'll call her Kipper.

Kipper has a friend, who we’ll call Big, who is a hefty boy. He’d made a cyber-love connection and arranged to meet up with said flamethrower of love, who we’ll call Hook.

Hook and Big got together, had that tense first date, and it was no go. Total lack of chemistry. Picture it, a nice big rotund boy, and a dainty girl--with a hook right hand.

They met up online again later, and the lack of chemistry came up right off the bat. But she had the audacity to tell him that he was “too big” for her.

Big snapped back with, “Yeah, but at least I can drive stick.” Ahem.