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Friday, April 29, 2005

GayBoy Speaks: Your Answers.

GayBoy and I have just watched the funniest little Star Wars movie. This is Obi-Wan Kenobi shopping for cars. You must have Quicktime 6 to view it. It's about 3 minutes long. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

Use the Force here.

* * *

We got home from our underwhelming day out, and now GayBoy's here to answer your questions. If anyone has any other questions, ask away. GayBoy will either respond in the comments or we'll do this again.

Question: What is Gay Boy's nationality?

Canadian with German/Scottish roots.

Is gay boy a top or a bottom?

Versatile and open to suggestion.

If Gay Boy were on death row what would he have as his last meal?

Gummy Bears.

What is Gay Boy's stance on drugs? Does he have any favorites?

Legalize ‘em! Fuck the law. Of course! Dope. But he has... dabbled.

Does Gay Boy have any favorite reality programs...what is Gay Boy's favorite sitcom from the 80's?

SexCourt on the Playboy channel. “A husband is suing his wife because she can’t give good blowjobs, so the Judge says, ‘Well, there’s only one way to prove it: She has to blow the jury. One by one. And I should... monitor the... uh, proceedings.’”

“From the ‘80s? I don’t know. Mork & Mindy? Newhart? Beachcombers! MacGyver. Richard Dean Anderson (with a mullet).”

Am I the only person to even have asked any questions?

No, you’re just the leader of the pack.

Coke or Pepsi?

“Pepsi. Coke sucks.” (But so does he.)

Is it true that gay men can bench more than your average straight man?

“How the fuck should I know?”

Now where can i find gayboy's blog?

He doesn’t plan to do one. He’s susceptible to public pressure, though. He does say he’lll consider commenting more.

Is GayBoy a local Celebrity? Does he sing any Numbers? If he does, I'd like to dance while he sings... I'll even wear my Pumps,Jack!

This was Citrus being crafty. Numbers, Celebrities, and PumpJack are the big local gay bars. GayBoy worked at Numbers.

Why don't DJ's ever play requests? Don't they get that people will dance and drink more if they like the music?

“’Cause you’re fucking annoying to them. Gay DJs are fucking full of themselves, they’re prima donnas. They don’t like it when their idea of their great taste in music is questioned or interrupted. DJ Jules at the Odyssey is so fucking full of himself now that he’s “Emperor.” The DJ at the Dufferin (Go Buff at the Duff!), the one who held Aaron Webster (the victim of a brutal gaybashing) when he died has started a gay internet radio station...” He’s got the article on it at home in Xtra West.