For you, the dress code is casual.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


It's that time of year again. Everything's coming to life, and that unmistakeable scent lingers in the streets, bringing with it the realization that spring truly is upon this fine, fine city.

No, not lilac, cherry blossoms, or those pretty yellow flowers on the bush by my apartment. I'm saying that sweet smell of ganja.

In Vancouver, spring has sprung when you smell dope lingering in the air again. Today, nearly every block I rode through had someone smoking up somewhere.

It accounts for that easy vibe that people seemed to have. It's that vibe that makes this town what it is when summer comes 'round. Easy, casual... Lazy.

God, the notion of easy, casual, and lazy just turns me right on. But like most things in my life right now, it's merely fantasy. The reality is, work's picking up, and the better half of my department's fucking abandoning me for three weeks. You know what this means, don't you? I'll actually have to work for a living. Jesus. The horror.

The horror!

Oh, well. Fortunately I'll be financially compensated for my extra time. God knows I love the way I live, three days off and all, but the lifestyle isn't lucrative by any means. Working a little more from time to time keeps me afloat. Then I can retreat to my life of slack I love so much.

Besides, getting stuck indoors a lot and in crappy lighting will be just the thing to light a fire under my ass and make me fall in love with cycling again. Opression brings revolt. I give myself three weeks before I crack.

[Back in the before-30 day, I'd go six weeks! But I'm more selfish, now, too, and that's figuring in. Fuck the man.]

But for now, it may actually be fun. I like the product I work on for this fickle wench of a client. They bring us retro shows coming out on DVD, the likes of which I'm not at liberty to divulge, but suffice to say that much of the content is the basis of my formative years. It's a pretty interesting experience being able to put my touches on something that put its touches on me a long time ago. And I get paid for it.

But outside of work, it's spring in one of the most gorgeous cities I've ever seen, and the temperatures are picking up already. Life's on the up and up, and for a time, I'll actually have money to enjoy it. Yin/yang, right?