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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here We Go Again. Bring on the Pain.

I'm nervous. The shower's running. Then I'm off to the gym for the first time since January of last year. And my first real workout since, oh... September.

Building the snowfort on Christmas day was cool. I stayed energetic. Much to my surprise. I expected weariness and pain. Had neither. Actually felt great the next day.

I'm curious what the gym will feel like. It's not like I've had no cardio -- I've been walking A LOT this fall. My cardio's probably better than ever for day-to-day, but not sure on the long hauls, since I've had none for four months. My expectations are higher, though, as I've cut out almost all milk, so my asthma's at a total minimum these days.

But I always get a little fearful before I start new things. I'm scared of committing to the workout lifestyle again. It was real fuckin' hard, and look at the price I paid with the back problems I had, man.

Still. It must be done. Again, I've something to prove to myself. Not anyone else. Just me. I can do it. I can do it sans injury this time, too.

And I guess that's where the fear comes from, 'cos I know what I got to expend in order to get what I expect.

So here we go. New sneakers. New yoga pants. New attitude. New chance. New year. New starting point. I'm ready. Hesitant as fuck, resisting like all hell, nervous to beat all odds. But I'm ready.