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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snowy Christmas Pictures

Have I really been that busy? Nine days? Well, hello. I've gained four pounds back this holiday season. Beats the shit out of 10! :D

Merry hoho, or whatever the hell it is you celebrate. Happy-it-all.

I'm just posting a few photographs while my nephew and I half-watch A Christmas Story.

This first shot's from our first snowfall about 12 days ago. Lovely. Quaint. A fraction of what we'd come to see.

The morning after the next snowfall yielded this shot from my balcony:

That 8 inches would seem quaint before the 18 you see here, the morning of Christmas eve, but still woefully beneath the 2+ feet we'd have by Christmas Day morning. Walked all of 6 blocks in it today, was exhausted and completely soaked. Lovely to look at, shitty to commute in. :)

Another angle on my street. The inch of fire hydrant poking out beside the sign there gives a clear indicator of the height of the snow. :P