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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Colour My World

I want to paint. I'm officially in the mood for change. The colours? Heh heh. Well. I'm glad you asked.

The kitchen will be saffron yellow. The living room and dining area will be a warm lavender-ish. The hallway and alcove will be cranberry. The primary colour in my bedroom will be sage green (with chocolate accents). The bathroom will be Caribbean sea blue/tealish.

It sounds really outlandish but I have a hunch all these colours play into each other really well. And, let's face it, I'm not often wrong about paint colours.

I want something dynamic yet uplifting. Colours that bounce light well and add drama and fun to their surroundings. I want something that, like the ones I've lived with since 2002, isn't gonna bore me for about a good five years. It needs to be the kinda mix where I'm going to feel less like a prisoner of my own device when it's raining 24 of 30 days a month from January to April, y'know?

But I'm gonna do it one step at a time, not wholesale change. I'm not married to the group yet, though there are a couple colours I don't think I can do without. Rich. I'll make sure they're all rich, and good quality paint. Nothing like trying to get pizzazz and then saying $20 a gallon's your top price. Yikes.

Gonna be a long winter. Me loves a project. :)