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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Political Brilliance (or somethingmumblegrumble)

Know how to win a constitutional change that'll let you stay in power indefinitely in, say, a place like Venezuela?

At the same time you make that proposal for an amendment, you propose a new law that makes it illegal to have more than a six-hour workday.

Like our good buddy Hugo Chavez has just done here.

But I dunno, limiting 'em to six hours of work'll give them too much time to gripe about other silly amendments of yours, Hugo, like that trifle one where you're urging for stronger powers in government, like not having to wait on expropriation orders when seizing people's assets.

What a very strange man. I'd hate to have to think that George W. Bush was right about anything in the long run, by the way, but this dude's starting to seem a little freakier. "Indefinitely" is a long time.