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Monday, August 20, 2007

Found on CNN

A 23-year old Serb was found dead and half-eaten in the bear cage of Belgrade Zoo at the weekend during the annual beer festival.

The man was found naked, with his clothes lying intact inside the cage. Two adult bears, Masha and Misha, had dragged the body to their feeding corner and reacted angrily when keepers tried to recover it.

"There's a good chance he was drunk or drugged. Only an idiot would jump into the bear cage," zoo director Vuk Bojovic told Reuters.

Local media reported that police found several mobile phones inside the cage, as well as bricks, stones and beer cans.

Ed. note: Like, wow. How little have I been writing? Okay, well, I'm four days away from a 10-day spell of time off... and I REALLY need a break. Writing will come. Sanity's at a pretty high premium right now. I'm chilling as best I can.

...which tonight means watching Zodiac, David Fincher's brilliant flick du jour. Holy freakin' crap does he do a good job. Fincher's Zodiac kicks the crap outta Spike Lee's Sam. Take dat! And dat! And stay down, bitch! Or something. Anyhow. I have an hour left. The tension's been insanely tight thus far and I'm all in a twist. But that's Fincher for ya. Back to my flick.