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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dammit, they cancelled my show!

I just surfed some TV sites. I didn't realize Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip has likely been cancelled for good, and that the Black Donnellys, a middling Irish not-so-melodrama (whose ending packed a hell of a punch, but which comes fraught with significant shortcomings that may or may not be surmountable) is its mid-season replacement.

And I blame the (average) American public* for not being fucking smart enough to get something as smart as Studio 60.

I think HBO or some such could do well to pick it up, if NBC doesn't have the balls to better market and situate s60 on a better night. (Oh, yeah, a bunch of middle-aged sardonic funny guys tackling current events is really going to perform well against a night dominated by Jack Bauer and pulse-racing escapades circling around the demise of modern man and all.)

Fucking hell, man. What's network tv got to do to inject intellect into dramas again? Studio 60 is, was, for a long time will be a cut above a lot of what television has to offer. It's up there with Weeds (and if ever there was a show that should be an hour long...) and wry, biting shows like that.

Fortunately for us all, I have not yet had my coffee, so committing hari-kari with my remote control seems like too auspicious a plan for my late morning. But, ooh... the French press sits ever so sexily on my counter. My time might yet be nigh.

And, really, fuck yourself, NBC. I want my Studio back.

*And I still blame them for never having grasped the brilliance of Arrested Development, too. What, should they talk slower? Would the jokes work then?