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Friday, March 02, 2007

LOOK! A link turned into a post!

Heed This.

Yeah, but... okay, yes, I do use a lot of cliches sometimes.

I might just take a gander on that list for a spell.

Obviously the list is hardly comprehensive.

I definitely need to vamp up my conscious use of phraseology in the future. Mm, lookit them big wordz. Girl's got vocab skillz, but girl gets lax. Complacency is a bitch. But I really do want to start focusing on editing a bit more. Now that I don't do it for a livelihood, it shouldn't be so unbearable to go back and nitpick.

I must go. Mac & Cheese is the delight of the night. I hear my pot a-bubblin'. Pasta, meet pot. Reader, meet end of post.