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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Eureka Moment

They say that the best places for creativity are the bed, the bath, and the bus. I agree with all three. The only other place that competes is the beach or forest, and they're a pain in the ass to get to most times.

So, this week I've been getting a lot of bed time in, and bus time, and bath time. Nothing has been paying off.

If I could describe to you worldview right now, I would. I think it'd be some kind of Gilliamesque/Dalian visuals, though. A fractured kaleidoscope of sorts. From one thing spills a million others. Ah, those tangled webs.

But I've figured out a way to make my life the focal point of my podcast. A kind of eye on my world, so to speak, but in a way that will have relevance to a highly marketable demographic. Methinks I've come up with something highly workable, with infinite offshoots, that will be sufficient to fill nearly 12x20 minute shows.

I have the broad stroke. The master plan, if you will. All I need now is filler. Cogs in the wheel of my vehicle. Yeppers.

My plan this whole time was more of a variety show thing. All these different ideas that would mix together into one. I wanted to attack the ADHD crowd and have a multi-faceted thing going. But I can't get into it. It's too frazzled. It's too much.

I had a friend once tell me that she thought my inability to write complete fiction was coming from the fact that I had so much conflict going on in my life, that the notion of generating more, even recreationally, might be sounding internal alarm. Thus, I can only conclude that, now, in this time of chaos and unpredictability, the last thing I need is a whirlygig of programming to deal with.

I also had an exboyfriend that once accused me of being able to talk better about myself than I could about anything else, and he accused me as well of being self-obsessed. I argued him then, but I'm older, wiser and I do concede. Yes. I now pronounce myself an authority of all things Steff. Guilty as charged.

So, I'll used that to my advantage. 'cause the irony of knowing myself so well is pretty simple... it means I likely know a little something about you, too, because I betcha we're not all that different.

I'm stoked. I'm writing my outline tomorrow/tonight. Some beer and a big-assed sandwich at my favourite writing haunt. And it may sound a little screwy to you people, one topic as the umbrella topic for 12 episodes, but, tsk. Have a little faith. I'm tellin' ya. I'm onto something here. I'm gonna make this work.

You know what it is? When you keep working on something and you tackle it time and time again and it never, ever improves, you gotta ask yourself if maybe it needs a rebuild from the ground up. So, I rebuilt. Streamlined. Focused. But with vast possibility. Me, I can make some pretty unconnected topics come together. Yep. I could have a little fun justifying why some topics suit it.

And, yeah, I know, I'm being a coy one about all this, the topic, etc. Deal. It is what it is. Like I'm gonna give away my trump card at the offset? Pfft. Have another drink.

Hey, look, it's past midnight. I think I spot a pumpkin.