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Sunday, November 26, 2006

snow and the rolling stones

snow, snow, snow! everywhere is snow!

you know i have nothing better to do if i'm taking IQ tests. i'm testing between 128-137 today on two different tests. i'm quite sure there's nothing i need to know further about toogs and bekes today.

now i can venture out into the STILL-SNOWING wonderland. a quest for muffin tins. then, i'll come home all tired and grumpy and wet, rest, and then will leave again in quest for: soup ingredients.

i see a hot date with white bean soup and garlic sausage in my future. hubba-hubba!

or, if i'm too tired to head out again, i'll cop out and make carrot-dill soup. either way, my sexy chicken stock is the base of it.

have i moaned and bitched about the world of hurt i've been in since my stair-climbing experiment? any doubts i had about its effectiveness are GONE, man. HURT. HURT BAD. i had to hike up the ramps at BC Place, whining like an injured puppy, to see the stones.

which i should comment on.

there's this part of the Wonder Boys movie where Robert Downey Jr reads this cliched passage written by Tobey Maguire's character about "an aging prize fighter" who's lost his steam.

yeah, that applies to Mick Jagger. i've never seen the Stones live before but you could tell they were hurting at the end of this long tour they've been on. Jagger was forgetting words, mixing up choruses, and the guys weren't moving around like all the footage i've ever seen had 'em doing.

there were bright moments, but it was sort of sad in parts.

they hammered out seven or so of their new songs all in a row at the beginning, likely because they know the audience is there for the classics, and probably also because traffic was hell due to the early arrival of snow. by the time they got into their classics, the stands were full.

they were engaging, nice, fun to watch, but they were certainly older than any rocker has a right to be, to be honest.

this was the last show of their tour, which some are saying might (and should likely) be their last ever tour. you'd think they'd thought so by the way that they took nearly five long minutes of standing on the stage after the song ended, hugging each other and all the backing performers, and drinking in the standing ovation of some 50,000 plus screaming fans.

i think we all knew it might be the end of an era, standing there looking at what seemed to be a pretty sad but triumphant moment on mick jagger's face.

i'm glad i was there. i'm pissed i didn't take my camera, since they never searched us after all.

i'm glad the fans stayed until the end. i'm sure the band knew the concert itself was missing the mark. too bad. it'd been nice to have seen 'em go out on top. still, they got their ovation they deserved. for their age, they put on a hell of a show, considering the length of the tour.

and just a final word: i'd like to beat the hell out of the bastard who thinks 12 chips with a huge glob of cheese on it constitutes "nachos."

i bought the $4 bottles of diet pepsi and the fucking joke of nachos to thank GayBoy for the spontaneous tickets by way of a sick relative. "well, i hate to admit it," i said, "but i bought these thinking i might thank you--"

"but you mean to insult me with this shit instead?" he scoffed.

yeah, exactly. fucking BC place better get their culinary shit together before the olympics.