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Monday, November 27, 2006

a trudging we will go

the snow has been coming down for nearly 45 hours now. it's heavy, wet snow. looks pretty, but it's hell to get around in. i've been caving. hanging out with toasty clothes on and warm beverages in my belly.

i need things. food type things. safeway's a rip-off, but i don't see myself making the effort to go anywhere else.

when i went to bed, the temperature had fallen to about -1, but today it's fallen to -6. there are brand-new icicles lining up and down the roofs across the way -- some a whopping 16" long. it's cold. cold!

yeah, safeway it is. brutally cold out there is what it's looking like. on the upside, vancouverites can finally drink tap water after what was about 10 or so days of a boil-water advisory. this is shaping up to be a winter like no other, and it's not even winter yet!

oh boy oh boy oh boy! yeesh. arduous is a word that springs to mind. hot chocolate are two others, tho! ha. bah. i shall bundle up shortly and make a trek to get stuff.

i have decided to make a mock cuban chili tonight. black beans but with beef. maybe corn. cilantro. i have canned cherry tomatoes. should be good!

i hate walking around with packed ice or wet snow on the streets, and right now, it's both. ugh!