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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rockstar! & me!

Wow, coming down to the end of it now. One more'll get the boot tonight, then it'll be down to five. I'm barely watching TV right now, or at least barely anything on consequence, but Rockstar's still a regular part of my diet.

I honestly don't know who'll be in the bottom three tonight. Ryan, Storm, and Magni, likely. I don't think Magni should be in it, but he will be, just 'cos he's from Iceland and doesn't get a big draw of nationalistic voting like some of the others. Toby might also be in there. The only safe people are Dilana and Lukas, as far as I can see.

Dilana did an awesome job on Mother, Mother, but I keep wondering if Lukas has the whole thing in the bag. Dilana was awesome when she played that song with Supernova and I was thinking, "Yeah, I'd go to that gig!"

Lukas just has a little something extra, though. Not to mention an already growing fanbase. I'm being a nasty little pirate and Torrenting some old albums this morning, and thought I'd plug Rockstar in, and the only two with files popping up en masse are Lukas and Storm, but I dunno if Storm can carry the gig, as much as she fucking rocks as a woman.

Tommy Lee, ever the hilarious but creepy sex-addict muttered something about her taking her corset off for him last week, I think it was. Her response, "You come on up and try to take it, Bitch." TL busted a gut, which is what I like about him. Very self-deprecating and far more charming than I thought he could be. Nice.


I'm tiiiiiiired. Three more days until I can sleep in for THREE DAYS IN A ROW. God.

I ran out of my meds Monday and was too tired to remember to get a refill last night. I'll pop in before work this morning. I was pretty nervous that I'd have a shit night sleep last night, but it turned out pretty well. Started waking up before 6, though, and finally got up at 6:30. I've cleaned the dishes and done a few other things, and now I'll make some java and toast and get my ass in a shower.

Yesterday was not my favourite day. I was in a pretty bitchy mood most of the day and decided to keep the night to myself. Fortunately, the phone never rang, but I wouldn't have answered if it had. The quiet was needed.

I've lost my drive for getting the podcast going and shit, but I suspect I'm just burned out from too many days of too much to do, and so I've postponed the launch for a week to buy myself some time and potentially some sanity. If I can get 60% of it done this weekend, I'll be satisfied with that.

Just getting worn out. Honestly, I'll be glad when it's October. Maybe this weekend's just what I need. I don't know. I told GayBoy I'd go to the PNE with him Sunday, but that's probably the last fucking thing I'll need: Throngs of people. I hate throngs of people. They suck bad.

Oh, and get this, I finally called the insurance dork about that accident I'd seen last YEAR, and dude had called about five fucking minutes before he was leaving on vacation for two weeks. I left a snarky message saying that his "prompt" examination of the case has allowed me to practically forget EVERYTHING involved with it. I mean, A YEAR? Yeah, and I remember shit I saw last week? Yeah, right. I'm over thirty, fuckwad. Figure it out. Some people, eh? Yeesh.