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Monday, May 02, 2005

The Ultimate Blogger: A Dorky Contest

Okay, some dudes in Oregon have come up with a contest and have selected 12 finalists for "The Ultimate Blogger." The amateuristic videoclip explaining the contest can be found here.

Now, the entry process ended on Saturday night, and I found out about the gig on Sunday. I'd have entered, and who knows, maybe might have been selected. (Honestly, one of the dudes selected [JOEL the weenie BECHTOLD] hasn't even got a fucking blog yet, but does have connections, with the folks throwing the contest, so make of that what you will.)

Me? I'm rooting and tooting for the always awesome Mimi In New York, who posts comments here occasionally, and who writes about SEX a lot, and I love that. Mimi's link is found in my links section, in my sidebar. If you haven't visited yet...

...what the fuck is wrong with you?

Because Mimi's pretty frickin' cool. Among the vast array of topics she pounds out, she also writes on the trials and tribulations of being an illegal alien in New York City. She's from England and has written for The Village Voice on her experiences--not to mention the difficulties faced by persons with less going for them than the enviable Cambridge degree Miss Mimi keeps tucked in her tight little back pockets. She was invited onto the Bill O'Reilly Propaganda Hour, but then that fucker, the Pope, went and died and everything changed. (Silly pope, death is for dicks.)

So, yes, if it comes down to a vote from the public, vote for her.
* * *

But here's what I'm gonna do:

Because I'm stubborn, because I don't want to think of things to write, because I can--

I'm crashing the competition. Fuck it. Why not, right? So every challenge the competitors get? I'm gonna do too.

The first challenge is food. The deadline? 12:00 PM EST. But fuck EST. I'm on the Pacific coast, I'm not in the competition, and I'm a rebel anyhow, so it's gonna be midnight MY time.

Food -- anything to do with food. Photos, whatever. So, we'll see.
* * *

By the way, it's not like there's a lot riding on it--about $500, all told. Still. I'm competitive and bitchy, and I love to win.