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Friday, May 13, 2005

Layout -- A couple changes.

Hey! Internet Explorer users, you guys don't really deserve this, but one of my fabulous readers whose blog is HERE has assisted me in getting rid of the template display problems that were taunting you guys, what with the disappearing sidebar and such.

Meanwhile, I decided to remove the middle-finger montage from my header and it's now the reflection part of my photograph Girl on Sand. (Yes, copyrighted, etc.)

I also went for a black background because, well, black's the new black.

I still suggest anyone using Internet Explorer should switch to the easy-as-pie Firefox, which has super cool basic features like a search bar you can use to search Google,, etc, plus many other super cool things. Plus, your likelihood for attracting viruses is lower. And this site will look cooler and that is important. Like, it's everything, really.

And there's a Google adbar now (boo, hiss! I sold out!) which may or may not want attention from you. Nudge, nudge.