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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New Links New Links New Links Bitchin' New Links

New links have been added. Among them, Intern Andy's new site, I'm a Smalltown Superhero,, and other favourite people of mine.

Most notable addition, and where you should go with your free time when I'm through with you, dammit, is: Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster--a brilliant blog written from the POV of everyone's favourite nemesis, Darth Vader. I'd love it if they'd do an audio track of the Darth Man huffing and puffing through his ominous regulator, but I'd also like to see pigs flying, and fat chance that's gonna happen.

The rest of the links are ones I like and/or people who rock. To those of you who've linked me on your sites? Thank you. If you haven't, then what in God's name are you waiting for? Money? Dream on. Me too. It's all about altruism, dude. (Like I fucking believe that? Still. It would be nice. I'm linkable, right? I mean, likeable. Err... both?)

If I've missed you, guilt-trip me at Or send me hot propositions for anonymous sex behind the Chuck E. Cheese. I need a good laugh.