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Friday, May 06, 2005

Laundry Day

True story: I once did an entire load of laundry, from washing to drying, before I realized there was a head of garlic in the load.

After having essentially roasted a head of garlic in the load whilst doing the drying, I had to wash them three more times to get the stench out. Thank god it was a load of rags, teatowels, and socks. But really, do the socks need any further help getting to stinky-mode? I think not.

How the garlic entered the load is still a puzzling mystery. A conundrum, as it were. For why would you wash garlic? The only solution I can surmise would be that I was cleaning the counter with a rag and perhaps inadvertently scooped a head of garlic up inside the rag when I grabbed it to toss into the laundry on the way out the door.

I told my boss about this once and she laughed so hard she cried and had an asthma attack. She wept like a child.

(But maybe if I ever travel to Transylvania [mouahaha] this would be a good idea. Hmm. A thought.)