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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fraser River Images

HEY, I TOOK PICTURES! Holy shit! A lot of them! And a bunch were good! Shazam.

I've been dying to hit the river since the fog rolled in a few days ago and picked the perfect timing 'cos I got a schwack of different fog densities, thus a whole range of moods. It feels nice to know I got some nice shots for a change.

This is just a few of the 80 or so I took. There's still some pictures to sort through, too.

I cycled 26 km along the river, which was awesome. I was dying by the end, but got it done. I was freezing, couldn't feel my toes, and was completely spent. My back, however, felt fine. Everything else? I can handle it!

It was SO worth it. I've ALWAYS wanted to do this foggy bike ride and never got around to it until now. I've lived here 9 years! It was great! Was completely frozen when I got home, but fucking thrilled I went.

So... along the Fraser River, South Vancouver.

I've lived here almost a decade and never tire of the tugboats:

You really think I should stop? You sure it's necessary? Bright guys.

Yet another unprotected piece of our industrial heritage on the Fraser, ready to fall down any day now:

Dude, I love the fog for the mood it lends. A little sunshine for conflicting emotions? Gold.

Pilings! We loves pilings. I'm always taking photos of pilings.

Nothing special, but it's pretty enough.

Looks a bit washed out, but another moody pier shot:

Fishing boats. Awesome ones.

Same stretch: