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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Call me insensitive, or even a bitch...

...but I think the whole kerfuffle over NBC’s Emmy broadcast featuring a plane-crash skit when a crash had occurred earlier in the day is a pile of steaming bullshit.

Crashes are tragic and they occur often. Just because one happened on that very day doesn’t make it any more tragic or tasteless than it would otherwise have been.

It’s terrible that 49 people met their death in a flaming fuselage-cum-coffin, but it happens. To joke about it at any time is crass, but humour often is just that: Crass.

It’s nice that NBC apologized, and I don’t really see that they had any choice but to do so, but I still think people need to fucking wake up and smell the coffee: Never in the history of aviation has a crash been funny, and never will it be. What’s funny is the context in which a joke transpires, not necessarily the object at the center of it.

Humour has long been something argued for its taste or lack thereof. Most jokes will offend someone somewhere. That’s reality. Don’t like it? Tough. Get a funny-bone transplant, then. Whiners. Better yet, turn off the fucking medium that’s exposing you to your discomfort.

Jokes about cancer happen all the time. Jokes about AIDS make their rounds. Tasteless jokes are an epidemic, but if we can’t laugh about this shit, it just gets unbearable.

The timing might have sucked, but had it been a crash on the other side of the world, no one would’ve given a fuck. Because it’s a bunch of nice white people from America who happened to go down, and a wedding party full of WASPs, it’s somehow a great big nasty bit of rudeness on the part of Conan O’Brien and his team of Emmy writers.

What the fuck ever, man. Get over it. The people who were affected by those senseless deaths probably have much bigger things on their mind than a shocking dose of reality that, guess what, the media’s still full of shit. What else is new?