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Monday, June 06, 2005

Photos: Around.

Whenever I feel kinda stunted creatively, like I have for the past couple days, hence the somewhat subpar postings, I feel compelled to take photos.

You're pretty limited at sea, so that didn't do much creatively, although the whales were awesome. But as always, around my house gets me going. I rode over a couple bridges and did a circuit along the river and out to the airport before heading home. A fine day for it.

These flowers were in front of an abandoned industrial yard. I liked the contrasts.

fenced flowers

This is just a view from the bridge as I cycled towards Richmond.

rail trellis with warehous

When it comes to flowers, the always humble daisies should never be overlooked. Sadly, the great focus the photo has is greatly diminished on the web. I'm not comfy posting the full-size image, so pretend it's perfect. ;)


Another one that loses a lot of zip on the web. C'est la vie.

rocky shore

Again with the losing zip thing, but I live about 4 blocks to the right of this bridge.

arthur lang tld