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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Do *you* have the time?

The gods of time are fucking with me.

In the past three weeks, I've had two power outtages reset all my clocks twice. I've had the battery in a watch die. I've had strange cosmic hiccups in my computers' time at home & work. A couple days ago, I could find no reason for why my alarm clock hadn't gone off; it'd been correctly set and the volume was on loud. It's worked fine since, but still.

And now today they've gone and ripped me off a full damned hour. Daylight savings my ass.

To top that off, I spent the whole afternoon/early evening on the job.

Still, I took the long way home.

I came out of the office after a Sunday full of hard rains and blustery winds to find the weather had broken and tinges of blue sky dotted the western horizon. I decided to walk over the Cambie Street bridge to Broadway and take the bus home from there. It just seemed like a fine evening to take it in. And I had my iPOD to accompany me after a particularly successful past week of downloading.

The fact is, though, being light till 8:15 gives you a certain illusion of having more time left in your day. I don't mind a bit.

* * * *

Speaking of music and weirdness, I have some 750 or something songs on my iPOD. Of them, there are three Pink Floyd tracks. I listen on shuffle, and keep it playing straight through for, say, 300 tracks or so. Today, I was walking to the bank machine to deposit my paycheque, and Pink Floyd's "Money" spinned up. Then, today again but later, I decided after waiting for the bus for five minutes that it was nice and I had time to walk the bridge. First track to spin up? Pink Floyd's "Time."

Hey, I ain't superstitious. Just amused. Gets me half-thinking Apple's found a way to wire iPOD into the cosmos. "The right music at the right time." Don't laugh. (Doesn't it all make you wonder if Forrest Gump kept his Apple shares?)