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Monday, February 16, 2009

Having a Read of My Work Last Night

Oh, lord help me, it's probably going to be a long week. I hate it when it gets off to the wrong start -- like me waking up all night with stomach ickiness and all that crap.

But I feel fine-ish now, just only had 5-6 hours sleep. It'll be fine. How awake do you have to be to bus, huh?

But while I was up one of the times, for about an hour, I figured I'd reread my recent work on The Other Blog. I reread everything up until January 14th, and I can see that I've been starting to hone in on better form. Still not where I want with the writing, but it's coming along quite nicely.

Now I need to write more. I want three good postings a week on the other blog, and want to write here three times a week. That'll have me staying sharp pretty much daily.

But I enjoyed reading myself, and it's been awhile since THAT was the reaction on back-to-back pieces. It's been a few good ones in a row, whereas it's been quite a long time where I'd have one, maybe two good posts, then I'd have a filler or two in between. I don't want filler. I want fewer posts but of a higher quality.

I'm no idiot, I know when the writing's decent. But back-to-back? That's been a while. Consistency would be fantastic again. Being on the road to it? Feels great.

I would've rather had a good night's sleep, but getting the chance to re-read some stuff so I can stop creatively beating up on myself? Probably priceless.

Enjoy your Monday, folks. No rest for the wicked Canadians. Not a holiday here. Boo. [Four-day weekend for yours truly next week, though!]